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Pot Roast

I just read an article the other day that said that younger woman today don’t know how to cook a roast.  If that’s true for you, I have something you might like to read.  Smile

Roast can seem intimidating but it really isn’t.  Here’s what you’ll need:

A decent chuck roast, preferably boneless, around 3lbs.  Should run you less than $15 if you’re shopping at Walmart.  It’s one of the cheaper cuts, which is why you use it in a roast.

A roasting pan.  You can get one of those cheap splatterware ones, they’re awesome.  Mine’s the medium size I think.  About $10, will last you forever.  You don’t need one of the super expensive ones.

Broth.  Swanson’s reduced sodium is the best.  Get 1 beef broth, and 1 chicken broth, the 32oz size.  As liquid cooks down, the salt becomes more concentrated, that’s why you want a low sodium broth.

Worcestershire sauce.


Now, toss the roast in the pan.  Douse it with some Worcestershire sauce, go ahead, be liberal.  Not like half a cup liberal, but make sure the top has a nice layer.

Pour in half of each kind of broth – 2 cups beef, 2 cups chicken, and add 2 cups water to the mix*.  The liquid should be roughly level with the top of the roast.

Put the lid on the roasting pan.

Put it in the oven at 325° for about 5 hours.


See how easy that was?

Now, want an easy peasy gravy to go with it?

Get a can of cream of mushroom soup.  Put it in a microwave safe bowl, along with about a third of a soup can of milk or cream, and maybe a couple big spoonfuls of roast drippings.  Mix.  Microwave it for about 90 secs to 2 min.

You are going to be in beefy roast heaven.  Smile

Keep your unused broth in the fridge, but use it within a couple of weeks.  Trust me, you’ll want another roast.  Smile

*(Alternatively, you can use the 14.5 oz cans of broth instead, and not have any left over.  Still use the 2c water though!)




One thing my daughter loves is my meatloaf.  I’m grateful for small favors.  🙂


2 envelopes (1 box) Lipton Onion/Mushroom dry Soup Mix
1-1½ pounds ground beef
1-1½ pounds ground chicken or turkey (I like chicken best)
2-3 eggs, 1 per pound of meat
milk to moisten
1½ cups bread crumbs (works out to about 6 slices if you make your own)
garlic powder (not garlic salt) to taste, just a couple of shakes of the jar

2-3 pounds of potatoes


My friend Raga likes to put this topping on her meatloaf.  🙂


3 Tablespoons catsup
3 Tablespoons brown sugar
1 Tablespoon yellow mustard

Spread on meatloaf before cooking.


Okay, I a little weird about touching raw meat with my hands.  Especially ground beef.  So, I line my loaf pan with cling wrap first.  Then I spray my roasting pan with cooking spray.  This will help with clean up later.

Next, I cut the potatoes up into pieces and toss them into a big bowl and then pour a little oil on them, and maybe some salt, pepper, and parsley or dill weed, and set them aside.

Then I mix all my meatloaf ingredients into another big bowl.  I just use a big spatula, or you could use your mixer if you have one.  When it’s thoroughly mixed, I spread it into the lined loaf pan and press it well into the loaf pan.  Then, I flip it into the roasting pan.  Voilá!  Peel off the cling wrap and you have a perfectly formed loaf, and still a clean loaf pan that you won’t have to wash.  See?  There is a method to my madness.  😉

I pour the potatoes around the meatloaf, put the lid on the roasting pan, and bake it in the oven at 350° for about 2 hours.  I take the lid off then and let it brown up for another 10-15 min. 

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