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The Love Bean | Joe Pastry

Funny how this stuff, that was all but scandalous once, has come to be regarded as “plain vanilla”.

via The Love Bean | Joe Pastry.

I loved this little story!  For years I’ve heard the expression, “plain vanilla.”  Who knew it was once considered so sexy?  Click the link to read the rest.  🙂


Carbs for Generations

The Carbiest Generation Paying the price for an ill-conceived experiment

until now, no human society has ever lived on a high carbohydrate diet.  We are paying the price for this ill-conceived experiment on humanity with higher and higher rates of obesity

This is something that is also becoming a growing interest for me as well.  When you discover all the truths about grains and sugar and what they do to humans, it can be pretty infuriating.  We’ve been told to eat the very things that are killing us. 

Makes you wonder why.  (not really)


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