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Low Carb Desserts

Every so often we get that taste for something sweet.  Satisfying that while living a sugar-free lifestyle might seem a bit daunting, but I have a couple of simple, and EASY recipes to make something sweet when you just have to have it.  Smile  Personally, I’m not really into trying to figure out how to use non-flour stuff to bake things.  Just give me easy and familiar and we’ll be just fine.  Winking smile

First up, if you’ve got 5 minutes, I can give you Chocolate Mousse!  I kid you not!  I got this one from my husband, actually.  Just take a small box of sugar-free Jello instant pudding and 2 cups of heavy whipping cream.  Use the cream instead of milk, and follow the package instructions.  And make sure it’s the instant pudding!  I don’t know if this would even work with the pudding mix you have to cook, lol.  You can do this by hand with a wire whisk.  I have one of those little Gizmo things that I picked up a few years ago at Walmart.  I don’t know if they still make them, but I’m sure you could find something similar.  Just a simple little tool but great for small jobs like this one.  Smile 

All told there are maybe 8 carbs in the whole thing, depending on what flavor of Sugar-free Jello you use.  It’s a great chocolate fix!  And of course, with all the flavors, you can have lots of variety if chocolate’s not your thing.  I think it’s a great alternative to ice cream.  Smile



This one I call Jello-Whip Delight.  I actually got this recipe when I was a kid, from an elderly relative who was on a tight budget but still wanted to have a little something sweet.  She used regular Jello and Cool Whip back then, but today I can use sugar free for both and seriously cut back those carbs.  Still have to be careful though!  In truth, the sugar free Cool Whip is actually higher in carbs per serving than the regular version, but there is no High Fructose Corn Syrup.  You’ll have to decide which you want to trade – carbs or HFCS?  Either way, still use the sugar free Jello.  With regular Cool Whip, you’ll get about 50 carbs for the entire thing, and about 75 with the sugar free one.  If you divide the bowl into 5 servings, that’s 10 and 15 carbs per serving, respectively.  Smaller portions will be even fewer carbs, so you’ll have to decide how much you want to eat to satisfy that sweet tooth.

This is great any time of year, but especially in the warmer months.  You can use any flavor Jello that floats your fancy, too!  Just make according to package directions and chill.  I’ve found about 4 hours works well.  Once it’s set, I pull out my handy-dandy little Gizmo and beat it until it’s almost liquid again.  Once that’s done, I mix in the Cool Whip thoroughly and let it chill again for a little bit, maybe 30-60 minutes.  Once it’s set, you’ll have a pudding-like dessert in almost any fruit flavor under the sun.  Jello is great about having lots of flavors.  Smile 



If you try ‘em out, let me know what you think!

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