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I was bound and determined to make the truffles from Sally’s Baking Addiction.  Sallys Baking Addiction Mint Oreo Truffles. » Sallys Baking Addiction  I love her website.  She makes everything look so amazing and delicious.  I can’t eat any of it, but when I see the pictures, my brain fills in the flavors.  Smile

We had a special day at church this past weekend (Purim), and I wanted to make something special.  Something relatively easy since I knew I had kind of a lot on my plate.  Plus, St Patrick’s Day was coming soon after, and the Irish in me just can’t let that one pass unnoticed.  I even painted the Irish flag on my nails, haha.  Smile

So I made Lemon Truffles, and Chocolate Mint Truffles. 


The round ones are the lemon, and the square ones are chocolate mint.  I had zero room in my freezer so I thought if I made bars instead of balls, they’d be a bit flatter and maybe I could sneak them in somehow.  I had success in that area, but I think being flat and not totally covered by the candy melt made them a bit messier, although as you can see from the leftovers, the bars did much better than the balls, lol.  People love their chocolate!

Sally’s recipe is pretty easy and simple, and mine turned out not bad looking despite being a rush job.  People raved, so I’ll be making these again.  Just not lemon, lol.  Fortunately, Oreo’s come in lots of flavors, and Wilton makes lots of candy melts colors.  The possibilities are practically endless!  Winking smile

Have you ever tried making these truffles?  How did yours turn out?

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