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Sarcastic? Who, me?

Sarcastic? Who, me?:

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Bread Grab – Cheezburger

Bread Grab – Cheezburger:

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Win Some Lose Some – Cheezburger:

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Preheating to 666 Degrees – Cheezburger:

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Challah Back Girl

I have no idea why a low-carb Gentile girl suddenly feels overwhelmingly compelled to make Challah bread for Shabbat, but there you go. 

And I am beyond proud to say it turned out epic!  Whew!  Woo!

Recipe here: Challah – Averie Cooks

Before 2nd rise

After 2nd rise, before baking

After baking

Before eating

Ummm, you don’t want to see any pictures after that.  Winking smile

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A really good read about recent dietary headlines!

I saw the scary headlines a couple of days ago. You probably did too. The one that caught my attention was this:

Diabetes expert warns paleo diet is dangerous and increases weight gain

Fat Head » Of Mice And Men — Again

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Le Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu announced it is closing all 16 of its culinary schools across the country.

Career Education Corporation—the for-profit parent company that owns the brand, announced Wednesday it will no longer enroll new students after Jan. 4, 2016, and will begin discontinuing operations.

Existing students will be able to finish their programs and all campuses are expected to remain open until September 2017, said a release from the company.

Le Cordon Bleu to close US schools

Well that will be a dark day for foodies!  Sad smile 

You will be missed, Le Cordon Bleu.

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