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Vegetable oil overdose | Your Lighter Side

The US is overdosing by a factor of 10 on polyunsaturated food – vegetable oil alone comprises 25-40% of the average American’s daily calories – and these oils overwhelm our metabolism and cause chronic pain, colitis, obesity, fatigue and more, argues Cate Shanahan, MD (media features include “Good Morning America”, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED” and more), who studied biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University and serves as the Lakers’ PRO Nutrition program director.

Vegetable oil is an industry term you often see on food labels with the disclaimer that the product ‘may contain one of the following’ and it’s always soy, canola or one of the seed oils. But in the processing, new molecules have been created and they are toxic.

In DEEP NUTRITION: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food (Flatiron Books; Hardcover; January 2017), Dr. Cate discusses how:
vegetable oils attack the brain at 7 distinct vulnerability points using 7 distinct strategies

  • all 7 strategies are at work in causing autism and other childhood neurological disorders
  • vegetable oils make your brain more susceptible to damage by sugar
  • eliminating these oils enables symptoms of various brain disorders to improve, from autism to Alzheimer’s
  • there are 5 specific kinds of foods you should eat to optimize brain health

Source: Vegetable oil overdose | Your Lighter Side

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