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A third of all cancers could be prevented with these plant-based nutrients:

Cancer-Cell-Background-Disease-Abstract- (Natural News) Each year, over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, one million of them are Americans. While there is a common misconception that whether or not you will get cancer is pretty much luck of the draw, in reality, only about 10 percent of cancers are attributable to genetic factors. As many…

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Cholesterol-lowering drugs may accelerate onset of Parkinson’s disease, according to researchers:

Senior-Elderly-Woman-Drugs-Prescription- (Natural News) Statins are a type of cholesterol-lowering drug typically prescribed to patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. Although they may provide relief from heart conditions, the same can’t be said of their effects on the brain. A recent study by researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine has presented a troubling fact about…

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20 percent of baby food tested positive for LEAD, reveals ten-year study:

Spoon-Feeding-Baby-Infant.jpg (Natural News) Out of all the foods you can purchase at the grocery store, you’d tend to think at least baby food would be a safe bet. After all, babies are the most delicate members of our society; they’re tiny, cute and reliant on adults to care for them. You’d think the companies that make…

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High-fat diet found to reduce symptoms of Crohn’s disease:

Coconut-Oil-Alternative-Therapy-Spa-Beau (Natural News) A diet high in plant-derived beneficial fats such as coconut oil and cocoa butter may help alleviate symptoms of Crohn’s disease, a new study revealed. Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease characterized by intestinal swelling, cramping, and diarrhea. The condition affects more than half a million people in the U.S. However, the…

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5 Reasons you should NEVER use canola oil, even if its ORGANIC:

Oil-Glass-Jar-Cork-Cooking-Vegetable-Can (Natural News) Canola oil has long been a regular in health food stores’ supermarket shelves, largely due in part to its popularity that has spanned for nearly two decades. Canola oil remains to be hugely appealing to consumers, and is still the most preferred cooking oil in the restaurant industry. The oil is also known for…

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Health insurance companies now pushing EUTHANASIA to avoid paying disease treatment coverage costs to doctors and hospitals:

Euthanasia-e1496651312135.jpg (Natural News) While involuntary euthanasia – the act of ending someone’s life without their consent to spare them pain and suffering – is illegal in the United States, assisted suicide – or voluntary euthanasia – is legal in six U.S. states. In Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont, New Mexico and Montana, doctors may prescribe lethal doses…

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Eating junk food causes DEPRESSION that most people treat with pills rather than nutrition:

Vegetables-Food-Fruit.jpg (Natural News) Depression is on the rise, and there is no shortage of advice out there for the 15 million American adults who suffer from it. Unfortunately, a lot of this advice steers people toward taking antidepressants, which opens them up to a whole other world of problems that can be even more devastating than…

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