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Cherry Picked

I stared at the box of cherry extract in the baking aisle.  I had no reason to get it, no plan in mind of how to use it, but I wanted it.  A couple days after I’d put the groceries away, I saw that little box of extract in my cabinet and was hit with inspiration.  Yay!


I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve been making my own coffee creamer.  I have to say, I really love the different flavor combinations I can make. 

So I took that little box of cherry extract and put it in my homemade coffee creamer.  I made a batch that was half cherry half chocolate, and a batch that was half cherry half vanilla. 

Oh my goodness!

It’s like having a bite of chocolate covered cherry, or a scoop of cherry vanilla ice cream, as you drink your coffee. 

I was a bit dubious at first, but I’m so glad I dared.  🙂 

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  2. I always want to buy things I have no idea what to do with too.


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