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It looks so decadently delicious, like a giant brownie. 🙂

Pretty Baking

OK, this cake is seriously good, but before I continue, let me give you an idea as to how much I love desserts…

This past weekend, we went to Busch Gardens and had lunch with Elmo.

It was a buffet, and there was no dessert.

No dessert??!!

I was rather perturbed and made a mental note never to return.

But at the end of lunch, my husband turned to the back and pointed at someone carrying out cookies and cupcakes.

Well, I nearly jumped over my kids to get there.

And I ran around people… and I got there first.

I’m serious.  🙂

And now that you know that I can be dangerous when there are desserts around, let’s talk about this cake.

My family loved the flavor (mild for dark chocolate), and it’s ridiculously moist!

My husband said he was shocked at how good it was (hmm, that doesn’t…

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