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Birthday Cake


My son asked for a solar system cake this year and I realized I’d have to learn how to make a fondant if I was going to have a modicum of success at making planets.  He’d seen a picture online and had his heart set, and I was determined not to let him down.  Smile

It’s just a regular box cake, chocolate, per his request.  To make the background dark to represent space, I added some blue gel color to chocolate frosting. 

For the planets, I made fondant from a recipe I found online and that worked out really well.  Whew!  I used gel color for their coloring as well.  It really was fun to work with, if a bit on the messy side.  The gel color washed off very easily though, so that was good.

For stars, my son picked out some little pearl cake decorations. 

I think I was a little enthusiastic on making my planets!  LOL  They’re a little on the big side, too big to fit nicely across a 13×9 cake, so my scale is off.  But my son was happy, and I did manage to leave at least enough room to put his name and age, if not the whole Happy Birthday part.  Smile


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  1. Turned out fantastic, love. I especially loved Planet Poach Egg. Brilliant.


  2. Cool! Yeah, not exactly to scale. If it were, your cake would probably have had to be 2 miles wide to accommodate the orbits of all those planets. 😉


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